Gain Muscle with Dumbbells

Eight Easy Steps to Effectively Gain Muscle with Dumbbells

When you want to build muscle, a gym membership might not always be an option.



It can be expensive and you might not have time to go to the gym, so it is sometimes more convenient to buy yourself some dumbbells.

Dumbbells can be used for weight training as well as full-body fitness.

The main benefit of using them in your training is that, besides working the main muscles, they also require a little bit of work from other various stabilizing muscles in your body.

These free weights can be the best way to build muscle mass, they are versatile resistance equipment and they can be used in different types of exercises.

Apart from muscle building, they are effective tools to use as you work toward getting rid of fat, giving you slim, toned arms.

Here we have ten easy steps to get big muscles using dumbbells:

STEP 1: Do some research

Find dumbbell exercises that will target the muscles you are interested in getting bigger.

Dumbbel-shoulder-pressFor example in order to grow your biceps you need to do curls, and for your abs you should do standing dumbbell side bends or dumbbell crunches.

STEP 2: Exercise properly

If you do not have a full extension of movement, a proper posture and so on, you will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and even increase the risk of getting injured.

Your form will improve with practice; learn to do the exercises slowly with light weight first.

STEP 3: Decide on an exercise program

Make sure every muscle gets a chance to be exercised and then to rest for at least one entire day before being used again.

Muscles grow during the rest after training, not during the actual training, so you need to give your muscles adequate time to recover.

STEP 4: Select the right weight for your dumbbells

Smaller if you are looking for toned arms, bigger if you want to build serious muscle.

Dumbbell Women Workout

STEP 5: Stress your muscles a little bit

Lift to fatigue; by the final repetition of your final set your muscle should be exhausted.

STEP 6: Try to better your eating habits

You cannot build muscle if you eat junk food.

You need to give your body the proper building blocks in order to have healthy, growing muscles.

STEP 7: Change your routine every four to six weeks

After a while, your body is going to adapt to the stress, get used to it and it will not be effective anymore.

If you do not want the benefits of weight training to diminish, the only way to prevent it is to change things up by increasing dumbbell weight and changing exercises a little bit.

Dumbbel Separate ShoulderSTEP 8: Consider adding dumbbells to cardio workouts

This will make for a great multi-tasking training session or simply an extra challenge for you.

These instructions will help you work out more effectively.

In contrast to exercising on a machine where you can only focus on one muscle at a time, dumbbell exercises will utilize various muscles in your body, allowing them to grow.

What More Should You Do?Rest To Build Muscle

  • Remember to rest in between training; and sleep well. Avoid over training as this would be counter-productive.

Why rest? Because muscles are not built during pumping – they are built during rest and sleeping.

  • Eat solid diet to give you enough proteins, carbs and other nutrients your body / muscles need to grow.
  • Take supplements known or proven to enhance your workouts, and help you build muscle faster.

However no one supplement does it all, so match supplements with EXACTLY what you wants to achieve.

For example there are muscle gaining pills designed to burn fat and retain lean muscle…

Some are formulated to help you add weight, bulk up faster; this is good if you are skinny and need some muscle and strength.

Some supplements are designed inject surge of strength into your body, help you last longer during workout and maximize your efforts for powerful results.

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