Increase Height Growth

Increase Height Growth with Natural Hormones

What hormones will help to increase height?

Growth Factor PlusIf you’re one of the many who are “vertically challenged” you may be obsessing about others who are taller and wishing you too could be as tall (or even taller) if only you could find a way to increase your height.

Here is the good news. Even if you’re well over your puberty years you may be able to grow a few more inches. However, in order to do this, you’ll need to understand how the hormones in your body are responsible for how tall you are.

Human Growth Hormone

Scientists have found that the hormone that is responsible for losing weight and muscle building is also responsible for height.

It is called human growth hormone and frequently referred to as HGH.

HGH has a unique ability to help you grow taller. It is released via the pituitary gland in high doses during the puberty years. As we age, the production of HGH slows down. By the age of 18 most people have reached their full height.

It controls not only bone growth but also cellular growth. It combines to increase your height. You won’t’ grow a lot taller once you stop producing this hormone unless you take action.

This action is by taking HGH supplements

These height growth supplements are readily available in the form of pills, skin patches and even injections.Growth-Hormone They must be taken regularly according to the package directions in order for them to work.

Insulin Growth Factor 1

Another hormone called Insulin Growth Factor 1 or also referred to as IGF 1, is created in the liver. It is responsible for your bone growth.

As your liver produces this, the amount is determined by your HGH that is produced by your pituitary gland. They work hand in hand so if your body stops producing one, it also stops producing the other.

If you have low levels of HGH you will also have lower levels of IGF 1 and you will not grow taller.

Increasing Height Naturally

If you wish to grow taller, you will need to boost your levels of HGH as well as the IGF 1. You can do this by using HGH supplements. It will help to increase your height and lowering your estrogen levels.

That is why women tend to be shorter than men. They have more estrogen – which is primarily responsible for shutting down your growth plates in your spine and it also helps to prevent any more height.

One of the effective ways of increasing HGH other than using the supplements is by ensuring that you get enough rest. As you rest, your body produces HGH in higher concentrations.

Growth Factor Plus ReviewYou will also increase your levels by lifting weights. This will alter your levels and promote more of the HGH production for the next 24 hours after your training sessions.

The Solution: How To Increase Your Height

In conclusion you may increase your height as you increase your HGH levels.

It comes in a pill that is called Growth Factor Plus. It works to increase your levels of HGH and IGF 1. It offers up a proprietary blend of ingredients that will help you in growing taller.

If you stack your GFP alongside an HGH supplement like Somatropinne HGH or even HGF Max, you will have even more enhanced results.

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