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Look below for three of the most advanced and proven muscle building supplements.
Each formula was designed and manufactured by different but highly REPUTABLE companies (based in bother USA and UK).

Cut and Ripped Plus

Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle

High Grade Whey Protein

Bauer-High-Grade-Whey-Protein Review

Advance Plus

GH Advance Plus Review

Major Benefits> Extreme MUSCLE Gain
Burn FAT
> Joint Support
Boost Energy Levels

> Solid Cutting Cycle Formula


> Boost performance
Help military drill and endurance

> Contest Prep
> Supply protein for better muscle growth
> Minimizes Pain during hard core lifting cycles

> Create amazing BEACH BODY physique

> Build LEAN Muscle
Enhance Metabolism
> Fast Recovery After Workout
Weight Loss Control
> Regulate Hormone

> Provides essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine
> Boost Your Muscle Growth
Burn Fat and Get Lean
> Improve Libido and Stamina
Boost your HGH
> Boost your results in the gym
Day + Night HGH Formula for Maximum Effectiveness
> Turbocharge your Physique
Powerful and Effective Body Building Solution
5-Star Ingredients100% Natural Blend20 Ingredients, including Vitamin C:Copper,
Glucosamine Sulfate,
Chondroitin Sulfate,
Bitter Orange,
Shark Cartilage,
Deer Antler Velvet,
Caffeine Anhydrous,
Magnesium Stearate,
100% Natural Blend5-6 Ingredients, including Whey Protein Isolate:Soya Lecithin,
Cocoa Powder Colours, Xanthan GumThickener,
Sucralose Sweetener
100% Natural Blend17 Ingredients
including Bioperine:
L-Arginine (2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic),
Alpha GPC,
5-HTP (5 Hydroxy-Tryptophan),
GTF Chromium,
Bovine Coloustrum,
Vitamin D3,
Vitamin B12,
Vitamin B6,
Silicon Dioxide,
Magnesium Stearate
Package ContentPills Only
(150 pills per bottle)
Powder OnlyPills Only
(120 pills per bottle)
DosageTake 1 to 4 times per day (Maximum daily dose 120g).Direction: Add one 30g (50ml) scoop of powder to a small amount of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and mix into a paste…Add milk up to 400ml with a whisk or blender.Take 2 times daily. (1 pill during the day; 1 pill at night)
For Whom?* Bodybuilders
* Military personnel
* Fitness enthusiasts
* Strength gainers
* Women looking to add strength and tone body
* Bodybuilders
* Military personnel
* Fitness enthusiasts
* Strength gainers
* Women looking to tone body
* Bodybuilders
* Seniors looking to feel younger, look younger than their peers
* Military personnel
* Guys who want to supercharge their SEXUAL stamina and last longer in bed
* Fitness enthusiasts
* Strength gainers
* Women desire to build strength and tone body
How Effective?Results within 3-6 weeksNOTE: For maximum results use ‘Cut and Ripped’ for at least 3monthsNot stated, but some users report good results after 4-5 weeksNOTE: For Maximum results use ‘HG Whey Protein’ at least 3-6 monthsResults within 3-5 weeksNOTE: For Maximum results use ‘HG Advance Plus’ for at least 3-6 months
Stack or Combine With…> Dbol> Body Fuel™ Nitro Oxide Extreme
> Body Fuel™ L-Glutamine Powder
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Clinic TrialsYESYES YES
Medical ApprovedYESYESYES
Side Effects100% All-Natural

No side effects
100% All-NaturalNo side effects100% All-NaturalNo side effects
Guarantee90-Days Money Back Guaranteed.60-Days Money Back Guaranteed180-Days
Money Back Guaranteed.
Price$74.99 @ 1-month supply$149.98 @ 3-months supplyNOTE: You get 3-months supply for the price of 2£38.95 @ for a pack$89.99 @ 1-month supply$248.97 @ 3-months supply
Maker ReputationBased in USA. HGH.Com is one of the world most reputable HGH, Weight loss and vitamins makers.
* FDA approved facilities.
* Manufactured in GMH lab.
Based in UK.
Bauer Nutrition, is both producer and seller of a wide range sports, weight loss and vitamin supplements. Highly respected within the sports circle both in the UK and abroad because they are known for top quality, best ingredients and excellent customer care
Based in USA.
The maker known for top quality and great customer care. Also known to constantly improving existing products, as this used to be known as HGH-Advance.
* Manufacturing in GMH lab.
Deals, Bonuses, Discounts…* FREE Shipping to USA.
* 10% Off Code: HGHTENOFF
* Regular deals, monthly discount codes etc.
* FREE Shipping on any order over £50 worldwide.
* FREE 8 Week Body Challenge Plan
* Regular deals, Facebook discount vouchers etc.
* FREE Shipping for 3 months order and above
Customer Care And Expert Guide> Highest level customer care.
> FREE Online Guide via Email, Phone and Online Chat
> Great customer care.
> Contact, get feedback via Email, Phone
> World class customer care.
> Contact, get feedback via Email, Phone
Endorsement Experts InputCreated with from IFBB Professional bodybuildersNot knownMany body builders endorsed and review HG-Advanced Plus:For example, Mr. David Pearce wrote; “I could feel the difference GHAdvanced+ was making in a little over a week. I had more pep, my mood lifted and I felt less worn out after my gym sessions. Cardio doesn’t seem to flatten me as much as before, which is another great bonus.”
Package Delivering<> Send out package within 2-days after purchase<> You will receive your package in DISCREET labeling; no one will be privy to the content<> Send out package within 24hours.<> You will receive your package in 2-5 days<> Comes in either Chocolate and Strawberry<> Send out order within 24hours.<> You will receive your package in 2-5 days in UK & US.
2-5 days in Mainland Europe.
5-14 days other countries.
Order with Credit Cards?* Accept credit/debit cards.* Accepts eCheck online* Accept Credit / Debit Card* Accept PayPal Express Checkout* Accept Credit / Debit Card

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Customers Rating Cut and Riped Customer Review HG Whey Protein Review GH Advanced Plus Review


And are known for creating life-changing products and customer’s care based on international best practices.

The 3 muscle builders under review are:

(1) Cut and Ripped Plus, which took the bodybuilding world by storm due to its natural muscle ripping prowess. The name practically explained what you get.

(2) High Grade Whey Protein, add more punch than most ‘Whey Protein’ products out there.

(3) GH-Advanced Plus, an improvement on the successful and famous HGH Advanced – more ingredients and fast acting.