Bodybuilding Made Easy With PowerBlock Dumbbells

The PowerBlock dumbbell set takes a new and innovative approach to bodybuilding. It features a design that not only eliminates the need for extensive space to keep your dumbbells, but it saves time as well as you no longer need to change the weights of your adjustable dumbbells when choosing PowerBlock.


The design of the PowerBlock dumbbells is pretty straightforward, but they do a great many things invisible to the naked eye. The dumbbells themselves are generally comprised of three parts: the core, the weights and the selector pin.

The PowerBlock core is basically the handle of the set and fits inside the first weight. Then this sequence follows up until the last weight is attached or you’ve reached the desired weight limit. The selector pin works very similar to that of a traditional weight set and it easily slides into the side of the stack. After selecting your desired weight amount, anything above the selector pin is lifted up.

When you first glimpse the PowerBlock set you may get the first impression that they aren’t safe enough. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. They are not manufactured from pure metal, but a composite material instead that can be weighty and light at the same time.

Upon further inspection, you will ultimately find that once you insert the selector pin, the weight set is firm and secure. There are also magnets installed for an additional sense of security. Lastly, there is wrist support installed as well which is something you would never find on a traditional set.

PowerBlocks are very versatile and they are perfect for people looking to get a good workout. You may not be all about sculpting and toning your body, but spending time with this dumbbell set can help you lead a healthier life and achieve a better body. You can find more weight reviews at


The heaviness of the blocks themselves will depend on the set you purchase. The basic set ranges from 3 to 24 pounds which is great for beginners. For people with an advanced knowledge of dumbbells, the 2.5 to 130 pound set is an optimal choice.

Though the cost of these sets will greatly vary, it can be said they are much cheaper than a traditional set of dumbbells. They give you the most bang for your buck and they allow anyone to participate in the art of lifting weights. In fact, they also save the most space and allow for easy storage.